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Autumn clean up sorted

Autumn Cleanup

There are plenty of options available in store to help get your backyard and street frontage sweet and neat this autumn, and it's never been so easy.  Whether you are a blower or a sweeper, there's something to suit everyone and every neighbourhood here at Barrow & Bench Mitre10.   

For larger gardens or those with plenty of deciduous trees, the quickest  way to get started is with a blower.   Efficient and much more neighbourhood friendly battery operated blowers are now readily available to the home gardener.  Check them out next time you are in store. 

For homeowners with extra large or rural properties there is definitely a time and place to pull out the power of a petrol operated blower (just remember to be neighbour aware, and please do wear  ear protection).    Our staff will be happy to work through the pros and cons of  each with you.

And if you're a sweeper, then you'll find plenty of yard brooms, plastic leaf grabbers and garden bags in store too.

Don't forget to keep your leaves in the organic loop - pop them in your compost bin or the Council green bin and they will continue their useful life in the garden or in someone else's garden.  

Paul and Amanda
Barrow and Bench Mitre 10