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Swimming pools and hot weather tips

Are you Pool and Hot Weather Ready

SWIM READY FOR HOT DAYS:  Is there anything better then cooling off in the privacy of your own pool on a hot day?      Keeping your pool swimmable this summerin the coming months is as easy as popping into store for a pool test, along with guidance on how to keep your pool swimmable at every opportunity.  

Of course, if you are the Do It Yourself sort of person you might like to purchase easy to use pool test strips which enables you to test the water yourself in the comfort of your own backyard.   (If nothing else, the strips are a handy way to check the pool between the more accurant in-store tests.)

Here are a couple of quick pool tips:  If yours is a salt water pool it may need a 'salt boost'.  Bags of pool salt are conveniently located in the drive through for easy payment and collection, and if you've neglected your pool and it has turned green, don't panic .... among the pool maintenace products available here in store you will find Pool Floc which will start the process of bringing the water back to a safe level to swim.     For more indepth advice on pool maintenance, do come and see us, we are here to help.  

GARDEN READY FOR HOT DAYS:  While we've not had the extreme weather experienced interstate, there's no doubt that we've had a very cool and very wet spring here in Adelaide.  How have you prepared your garden for the hot days ahead?  Here are a couple of tips that will make a big difference to how your plants and your garden cope with warmer days.

  • Mulch well with whatever you have to hand.  I like WhoFlungDung produced by local company Neutrog, but pea straw, sugar cane mulch and regular bark mulches will all help reduce the evaporation of moisture from your patch.  (for best results remember to keep mulch at least 5-10 cm away from the trunks of plants/trees)
  • Use a soil wetter to keep the moisture in the soil for longer.  Soil wetters are available in granular and liquid forms. 
  • Apply a plant tonic .... these are not a fertiliser, but work as a 'tonic' and in some cases as a soil improver as well.  Look out for Popul8, GoGo Juice, ecoSeaweed, Seasol, Seamungus and more.  In most cases these tonics may be applied fortnightly - check the label  before applying.
  • Before extreme heat apply Droughtshield.  Droughtshield is a liquid product which is sprayed on and dries clear.  It's a very effective anti-transpirant and well worth including in your garden shed.
  • Provide shade if needed.
  • Select climate compatible plants for best results, and don't forget to group plants with similar water requirements.  
  • and finally,  for most plants a good deep water less often is better than a few minutes each day.  


IN THE HOME:   here are a couple of our favourite tips to keep your home cool.  

  • Zone rooms and shut doors - only cool rooms with airconditioning that you are using.
  • Open doors and windows to allow cool breezes through the home in the evening (ensure you have security screens and doors in place)
  • Check and clean filters on split system air conditioners.
  • Consider planting deciduous trees on the northern aspect of the home - the shade will help reduce heat in the home.
  • Ceiling and stand alone fans are an excellent and very cost efficient way to circulate the air.  







Paul and Amanda
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