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Plastic Pot Recycling now available

PP5 Pot Recycling

In Australia, plastic plant pots and labels are typically produced from PP5 plastic, a material that can be recycled over and over again.

Currently, only a small fraction of PP5 plastic is recycled, with just 8% of PP5 plastic plant pots and labels being repurposed annually.  We aim to be part of the process of recycling PP5  plastic plant pots and labels, breathing new life into them as renewed plant pots.

To join us in our mission to minimise PP5 plastic waste, all you need to do is

  • empty your pots of all soil and plants
  • plant labels and plastic plant stakes are also made of PP5 plastic and can be recycled with the pots - just leave them in the pots
  • stack your pots in like sizes
  • bring them to us and place them neatly in the recycle crate (can't find the bin, just ask our friendly staff)
  • Please do not place other recycle materials in the recycle crate

Once your PP5 plastic waste is collected and recycled, industry leaders  create new pots out of the recycled materials. And just like that, your old plant pot is transformed into a new plant pot.

Paul and Amanda
Barrow and Bench Mitre 10